Why NZCU South

Our brand is very important to us and carries for our customers a promise of “succeeding together”.

We succeed together through creating a memorable and satisfying customer experience through bringing three values to life. These values form the basis of how we work together; how we serve our customers and local community.

We value:

Friendly banking professionals

We share our knowledge and expertise to guide members on the journey to making the best financial choices for themselves, whatever their aspirations. We achieve this through a professional approach and a prudent attitude towards our customer’s investment.


Community is at the heart of our existence. We all share a common bond to enrich the lives of individuals and families – something that we should feel really proud of and celebrate more. We appreciate that every community is unique, just like the people that make it up… and we value these differences.


We all share a genuine commitment to making a difference in people’s lives. Sometimes this might just be a quick fix; often is may become a lasting solution. We do this by gaining a real understanding of people’s different situations and needs.