About NZCU South

Our Story

NZCU South has been making individuals, families and communities financially stronger for over 55 years.

Now that’s a long time when you compare that to other financial organisations. Originally established by the parishioners of St Mary’s Catholic Parish in Nelson, 10th October 1962. NZCU South has provided ongoing support to our members. We’ve done this, by keeping our mission throughout these years consistent and to the point…. ‘Back New Zealanders who back themselves.

Just like the parishioners who planted the seed that became NZCU South, we’ve kept our ultimate responsibility to our members. NZCU South aims to provide a range of financial services to assist you with your financial needs. We offer award winning customer service, and we work hard to offer a world-class customer experience.

NZCU South’s Difference

NZCU South is a not-for-profit organisation. That means we’re not about profits, pie charts and percentages, we’re about you.

The profits stay in New Zealand and are given back to our owners, the NZCU South members. This reinvestment comes in the form of competitive interest rates on savings and lower costs on loans. NZCU South is all about helping you with ‘fairer fees, better rates and personalised service.’ We share your enthusiasm with regards to your finances, and we seek to foster a healthy attitude towards money with you. By treating everyone as an individual, we utilise our financial tools and services to help you achieve the life you want – faster and more easily.

We differ from other organisations when it comes to banking as the services we offer gets personalised to you. We keep everything local and everything clear as we believe New Zealanders should know who they are trusting their finances with. You won’t see your money leave the country as all profits stay in New Zealand and are given back to our owners, the NZCU South Members.

So just like fellow kiwis Abby, Kevin and Vera, you too can become an NZCU South member and can take control your finances. Our mission is to back Kiwis who back themselves. If you have a willingness and desire to improve your life — great news, so do we.

Because when we say “we’re about you”, we really, truly mean it.


At NZCU South you will receive personalised service second to none because you are not just a number. As part-owner of your Credit Union you are treated with dignity and respect and have an equal say in how your Credit Union is run. Each member can vote at Annual General Meetings as well as stand for a position on the Board of Directors.

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Our Community

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Our Cooperative

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Career Opportunites

With hundreds of people working nationwide, the team at each NZCU South is passionate about helping people reach their financial goals. We offer all of our employees the opportunity to pursue a rewarding career everyday.

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