50 Classic New Year’s Resolutions

January 1; a time to pause, take a breath and reflect upon the year that was, before looking toward a bigger and better year ahead. It’s the time when one aims to better themselves, to seek improvement and build upon whatever platform has been laid before. It’s a time for change. To make bold claims and predictions as to what your future holds. A time for optimism in the face of meeting the demands and requirements of those ambitious New Year resolutions.

Every man and his dog has their take on New Year’s Resolutions and they’re about as customary as a Lynx Africa Shower Set under the Christmas Tree so without further ado, let’s look at our 50 New Year’s resolutions that could potentially, no, without a doubt make your 2018 even bigger and better than you could possibly imagine.





#1 Pick up a new hobbysomething outside your comfort zone. Wouldn’t recommend anything as extreme as free-diving. Maybe juggling or bird-watching instead  

#2 Pick up yoga/pilates or a meditation classyou’ll feel better about yourself with a relaxed, positive mindset and attitude

#3 Start surfing (or surf more)a therapeutic escape from your normal routine. Remember to shaka

#4 Read more bookswhen was the last time you read a book?

#5 Get more sleepeasy, go to bed earlier

#6 Get up earlierthe early bird catches the worm. Pretty sure there are studies out there that prove early-birds are more efficient.

#7 Spend less time on the screenif you watch too much TV or spend too much time on your phone your eyes will turn square

#8 Drink more watersimple enough, carry a bottle wherever you go

#9 Eat healthiergoes without saying really. Eat your 5-plus-a-day fruit and veg

#10 Exercise moreyou don’t have to join a gym, maybe walk more or start biking

#11 Join a Gymif you’re wanting to #shred or #bulk maybe the gym is indeed for you #gains. And stick to it for more than 2 weeks – you’re not going to turn into Arnold Schwarzenegger overnight

#12 Walk or bike to workgood for your health and for the environment. A win-win, if manageable

#13 Run a marathonsure to be on a lot of bucket-lists start training early

#14 Run a half-marathonnot everyone can run a marathon. Baby steps first

#15 Get more organisedget in the habit of using a diary or map out your week’s plans

#16 Save moresave for a goal. Maybe look into Christmas Saver accounts if you’re feeling it most during the silly season

#17 Plan a holidayyou deserve a trip away, start planning now

#18 Learn a new languagedefinitely a goer if you’re planning a holiday abroad

#19 Be gratefulhave a greater appreciation for the smaller things in life

#20 Give more complimentsit’s nice to receive them, so dish them out more yourself

#21 Be less self-centred – ask people about their lives and show an interest. Even ask Sharon in accounts about her weekend and the happenings of her 9 cats

#22 Don’t worry what others thinkbe your own person and aim to be less conscientious of what others think of you

#23 Stop comparing yourself to othersties in with the last idea. If your mate wore a chequered-shirt to work on a Friday doesn’t mean you have to as well  

#24 Try and quit a bad habitsmoking comes to mind. Maybe something like nail-biting or cut back your weekly fast-food intake

#25 Meet new people – build your network, both in the office and out

#26 Reconciliate with old friends & familycatch-up with those you have been meaning to re-connect with

#27 Become tidier & cleanerclear the clutter of your house to lead a more organised life

#28 Become debt-freethe path to financial freedom is a tricky one. Maybe contemplate a debt consolidation loan

#29 Volunteer moreyou’d be surprised at the benefits you receive from helping make someone’s day  

#30 Avoid procrastinatingperhaps this has harmed your goal-achieving ability in the past. Start getting things done

#31 Spend less time on social mediais your constant time on social media becoming an issue? Maybe it’s time to make a change

#32 Enter more competitionshave you seen our latest one on Facebook? Enter now

#33 Start a blogdocument your hobbies or travel, create a prospectus for employers or clients. For expert guidance, thought-provoking insight, analysis and opinion, check out https://nzcusouth.co.nz/blogs/

#34 Spend more time with your matesremember Saturdays are for socialising. Have a good time and create more lasting memories with your mates.

#35 Spend a bit more time with your significant othernothing too extreme here but maybe try spend more time, dare I say it, even the odd Saturday with your significant other

#36 Get a significant otherperhaps an ambition for 2018 and we’re not talking jumping on Tinder here

#37 Change your careeronly if you’re not happy in your current position! Find a job you enjoy and are passionate about and the rest will come easy

#38 Gain a qualificationadvance your career or kick-start your journey

#39 Balanced lifestyleProfessional growth is good but ensure you have a healthy work-life balance

#40 Upgrade your wardrobeup your style game and you’ll have a renewed feeling of confidence

#41 Upgrade your lookmaybe try a new haircut, dye your hair or grow a beard. Undergo a complete makeover to gain a spring in your step come 2018

#42 Allocate time for your passionswhether you have a penchant for baking, hiking, gardening or skiing make sure you set aside time specifically for this

#43 Get a Go-Proor any gadget for that matter, to record all the good times you experience on the way. Maybe undertake the following idea before paying an arm & a leg for the latest Go-Pro  

#44 Take control of your financesNew Year is as good a time as any to kick-off 2018 on the right financial foot. Make a budget, review your situation and plan the steps you need to reach financial happiness

#45 Perseverance, persistence & stick-to-it-ivnesscool words to sum up sticking to your resolutions and work at them. A miracle isn’t going to happen overnight. Which leads us to…

#46 Give 100%whether it’s at work, in the classroom or on the sports field. Give your all with each task you undertake

#47 Think positive – have a positive outlook and try put an enthusiastic spin on any situation you are confronted. The glass is half-full for 2018

#48 Have funWhatever you do with your time in 2018, aim to have fun doing it. Life will be that much easier

#49 Stick to good habits you haveif it ain’t broke don’t fix it. Whatever good habits you’ve developed over time stick with them. The tried and true methods are often the best.

#50 Smilegreet 2018 with a smile on your dial. Enough said.


And if you have any other resolutions that come to mind feel free to pop them in the comments section of our Facebook post.


From all of us at NZCU South we wish you an enjoyable, prosperous and rewarding 2018 #allaboutyou