4 Travel Tips to get your holiday off to the best start

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It’s time for a holiday!  You’ve worked hard, you deserve a rest, and you’re ready to book your holiday. And we have some travel tips to make sure you get the most from your break, and from the financial investment that you’re making towards it.

Whether you’re considering travelling to destinations within New Zealand or far away, you’ll likely be engaging in fun holiday activities, changing your environment, viewing attraction sites and relaxing your mind.  One of the challenges in travelling for leisure to a place you are not well acquainted with, is not having the necessary connections to help you move around the place and to make the most of your experience.  These tips on travel will help make your holiday the best it can be.

If you want to take a holiday tour locally or abroad, you’ll definitely need the services of a good tour and travel agency in New Zealand or abroad. However, finding a highly reliable travel agency for your tour can be a daunting experience. How do you get around this and tell if a particular agency is reliable and right for your needs?  To make your experience less stressful, the following holiday travel tips will help you select the right service provider, for both New Zealand and international travel.

Do Your Research First

Research is key to a good travel experience, wherever your private holiday or vacation destination. We highly recommended that you research the company online. Conduct research both on firms that offer travel services, and also research your intended destination. Especially for international travel, include the best places to visit, things to do, what and where to eat, the county’s history and more. Note down a few prospective agencies, create a working list of the best firms according to your search on the World Wide Web, and select one based on the travel tips criteria below.

Consider the Agency’s Level of Experience

Never underestimate experience as being the best teacher! The tour agency you engage with should have been in business for quite some time, as well as having a track record of hiring experienced personnel. Their staff should be well acquainted with the holiday destinations global and local travel, and should also be well informed about your intended destination.

Are They Reputable?

As you continue crossing prospective firms off your list, remember that you really shouldn’t book with a travel agency without first knowing how they treat their clients.  Consider how their services have been experienced by previous travellers. Make inquiries with friends and contacts, and find out what they have to say about the services of the travel agents remaining on your list. Check out testimonials and reviews online.

Budget, Travel Packages and Discounts

Last but not least, consider your budget – of all the travel tips this is often the one that is the most challenging to leisure travellers. Who said that luxurious holidays have to cost a fortune? Be sure to ask for a full quote of travel packages from each of the remaining tour firms on your list.  Take note of any travel deals, discounted airline booking deals, cruise deals and affordable yet luxurious hotel accommodation offers you have access to. Do this well in advance, so as to have enough preparation time to make comparisons between firms remaining on your list (there should be about 2 or 3 by now).

When comparing packages here ask yourself the following questions to help you make the final decision:

  • What is the entire cost of the travel package?
  • What is the duration of the tour deal they’re offering?
  • How many activities and attractive destinations does the tour offer?
  • Do the rates include meals, hotel accommodation and room services?
  • Will travel documents be organised for me?
  • Why should I choose them?

Then make your decision, comfortable in the knowledge that you’ve done your homework and are making best decision for you.  You’ve worked hard for this trip and for the money you’re investing into it, and now it’s time to reap the rewards.

Then relax and enjoy your holiday!

If you’d like to talk to NZCU about a travel loan, visit our website or phone 0800 86 56 36. We look forward to helping make your holiday a reality.

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