31 Tips to Tame Your Supermarket Bill

Recently, we asked our Facebook following for Supermarket-saver advice and how you can minimise your regular supermarket spend. We have compiled the best tips we received as well as making our own contributions. Let us know if we have missed any key saving tactics to help you save for your next supermarket visit.

#1 Eat before you go, never shop on an empty stomach.

#2 Buy cheaper/value brands. Particularly when it comes to staples and cleaning products.

#3 Buy versatile. Think of products that can be used for multiple meals. Pasta is the perfect example

#4 Research; check out specials online to seek where you can get the most bang for your buck

#5 Budget; have a budget in mind and try as best you can to stick to it

#6 Work from a grocery list. Aim to operate this with your budget & stick to it!

#7 Buy bulk if you can – the savings from supermarkets are often bulk-incentivised. Make the most of it if you can and if you will use the product in bulk

#8 If you have a freezer use it – especially when buying meat on special

#9 Stock up on staples. If it doesn’t have a soon-to-expire date and it’s something you may use regularly stock it up. Baked beans and pasta are prime examples.

#10 Shop with a friend. Go back to your student flatting days when bulk-buying was in vogue and you would split the bill x amount of ways. Think of the same here except buy in bulk so you and your friend can capitalise on the bulk-buy offers.

#11 You don’t have to bulk buy. Just because it’s ‘buy 9 and get the 10th one free’ is a saving. Ask yourself if you really will benefit from buying in bulk.

#12 Same with ‘SALE’ items. Calculate whether the so-called deal is actually a deal and is worthwhile. Just because a SALE tag is applied does not mean you have to buy it.

#13 Plan meals; perhaps create a weekly meal plan before supermarket shopping

#14 Be creative with your planning – even unearthing old tuna cans at the back of the pantry

#15 Stretch out the time between grocery shops. You may be the regular weekly shopper with a locked in time. Try to add another day between shops.

#16 Make the most of Christmas Saver and member opportunities. Most supermarkets nowadays offer incentives – jump on board to save yourself $. Particularly come Christmas Time when we look to treat ourselves. Alternatively set up a Christmas Saver to set yourself up with a boost come next Christmas.

#17 Keep the kids at home. May sound trivial but you may be surprised to find the additional items that are added to the trolley. Checkout displays are a prime example.

#18 Buy in-season. Particularly when it comes to fresh fruit and vegetable. When out of season buy frozen goods.

#19 Avoid vegetables at the supermarket. Instead buy your produce at a green grocer, or local farmers market, or

#20 Grow your own vegetables – a helpful tip and experience to teach your children

#21 Shop online. Don’t have the time or resources to make it? Then check out the deals online – there may even be online exclusive offers to make the most of. Plus you can avoid impulse, in-store buys by using this strategy

#22 Clearance items. Soon-to-expire items are often reduced to clear. Maybe plan to incorporate these food items into your meal plans soon after the grocery shop.

#23 Cut back the meat. Perhaps aim to have a meat-free day or simply cut back your meat portions. You’d be surprised how much you could potentially save

#24 Complete a stock-take. Before you embark on your supermarket mission take stock of what is necessary and what is not. Fit this in with your list requirements (tip 6)

#25 Try to shop once weekly. Or fortnightly. The point being, do one big shop regularly as opposed to ‘popping down to your local to pick up x’ every day. If so, by law of averages you will end up spending far more.

#26 Avoid aisles with items that aren’t on ‘the list’. That way you won’t be tempted to buy items that you actually do need.

#27 Keep your eye on the prize. The more popular (& costly) items tend to be at eye-level. This is product placement 101 where producers pay top-dollar to have their goods on display. Check out options on the higher or lower shelves to seek out a bargain.

#28 Learn to bake. Particularly for treats/ on-the-go food. If you regularly buy snacks the bills will be adding up. Make your own and you will save.

#29 Use coupons or vouchers. Self-explanatory but these are there to be used. Do so and you will save on your supermarket spend.

#30 Aim to reduce your spend on alcohol and cigarettes. The benefits are two-fold; you save in your back pocket and help your health at the same time.

#31 Eat at Mum’s house. If you can make the odd visit to Mum’s for a Sunday dinner or bit of baking etc you can cut back your weekly grocery bill. Too easy

Once again thanks for the Supermarket-saver’s on our Facebook page. If you have some further tips please comment on the Facebook post.