2016 Young Member Scholarships Announced


2016 Young Member Scholarships Announced

NZCU South is pleased to announce the winners of the Scholarship Programme held annually comprising of three Scholarships to the value of $5,000 each.

The inaugural scholarships were announced on Monday, 1 February to the successful recipients. The Awards were to recognize within our NZCU South community the achievement of members, children or the grandchildren of our members.  We received a large number of applications and were impressed by the calibre of achievement by young people within our midst.

We are pleased to announce the 2016 winners along with their successful achievements and future goals.  We wish Conan, Danica and Levi every success in the future. A very dedicated and talented group of young people with enormous potential.  We look forward to next year and helping others to reach their dreams.


Conan Hayes – Actor/Performer from Dunedin

Conan HayesConan Hayes is one of 20 people to be accepted into the Toi Whakaari – New Zealand Drama School for a 3 year course based in Wellington in 2016.

He has also been selected to be part of the Shakespeare Globe Centre New Zealand Youth Shakespeare Company 2016 trip to the United Kingdom to learn from actors and directors, visit the birthplace of Shakespeare and put on a performance at the Globe Theatre. To be selected you have to be great at performance but also well rounded and a good ambassador.

Conan has been involved since year 9 in drama and acting and performance is his passion and life to date.  He commented that to be accepted to Drama School and to the Shakespeare Company has been life changing. He aims to complete Drama School and then be a professional actor, even creating his own work and performing it.

Funding from NZCU South will be used for his participation in the Globe Theatre Shakespeare Company tour.


Danica Davies – Student/ Heptathlon Athlete from Dunedin

Danica DaviesDanica Davies has just completed Year 13 where she received NCEA Level 3 with Excellence.   Whilst in year 13 she also studied two level 1 Psychology papers at Otago University.

Danica also  participates in Women’s Heptathlon which is a minority sport and in many events has to compete in the individual events to gain experience in each discipline.  Danica trains 7 days a week under coach Joan Merrilees in Dunedin. She has qualified for the Oceania Games to be held in Sydney in April where she will compete to improve her points from the events with her aim to get quality competition to improve her performance and work to achieve the qualifying standard for the Commonwealth Games in 2018.

Upon completion of University she would like to be a Criminal Psychologist.

Funding from NZCU South will be provided to enable Danica to compete at the Oceania Games to gain that much needed experience and competition in her quest to qualify to represent New Zealand.


Levi Goodall – Free ride Mountain Biker and Community Work from Invercargill

Levi GoodallLevi is a graduate of SIT with a Bachelor of Sport and Exercise.

He is a competitive Free Ride Mountain Biker and is currently ranked 7th in the world for the Free ride Mountain Bike Tour.  His aim is to be number 1 and he needs to increase his participation at overseas events e.g. Australia to do this.  In attending he would also be able to learn new tricks and he would be able to teach these in Invercargill and NZ and to build new jumps locally based on those he had ridden.

He is a youth leader through his church and works actively with youth and troubled youth in the community and gets pleasure from seeing youth turn themselves around.  He has built a local BMX and mountain biking facility. He records and makes videos of his bike rides posting them on You Tube and Instagram for others to view and learn from.

He dreams of being a professional rider and would ultimately love to have his own sports business for indoor mountain bike coaching and continue work with troubled youth.

Funding from NZCU South will be used to travel to compete overseas to improve his amateur ranking in his chosen discipline.