14 Date Ideas That Keeps Valentine’s Day Simple


It’s coming up to that special day of the year. You know the one where florists and Cadbury make an absolute fortune from loved-up couples. Yes! We are of course talking about Valentine’s Day. It’s that day of the year when you go the whole nine yards to show your significant other that you care about them. Where you put in some actual effort and remind each other of the reasons why you fell for one another in the first place. Valentine’s Day holds dare to some, but it is by no means, celebrated wholly by all.  We understand this as Valentine’s Day has become such a commercialised event, that it now costs a small fortune to try to create a memory that is similar to what we see on T.V. It, however, doesn’t have to be costly to show your significant other that your care. That is why we compiled a list of 14 Valentine’s Day date ideas that we guarantee he or she will remember this year.


#1 Heart Shaped Everything

The basic love heart, pretty much the go-to symbol for Valentine’s Day. Every store will be filled with them leading up to February 14th, but you can put in some extra effort and do them yourself. Purchase a heart-shaped cutter or else become a wiz with the knife and shape the meals you make on the day to tiny adorable love hearts. Whether it’s a small cheese platter, a shaped steak for dinner or even a bowl of fruit salad so cute that Cupid would eat it. Get creative and put in small efforts, so your ordinary doings have a little extra love in them.


#2 Pop a Balloon for an Idea

Unable to decide on what to do, well let fate choose for you. Write on tiny bits of paper, ideas for the day and put them in heart-shaped balloons. Show the balloons to him/her in the morning and get them to pop one. This will then decide for you what you are going to do for the day. Either tell them what they got or keep it a surprise for later. But this idea works great because if the plan doesn’t turn out to be particularly great, you can’t take the full blame.


#3 Chicken Nuggets Are the Way to the Heart

If you know your significant other isn’t a fan of all the chocolates of romantic gestures that come with the day. Have a little fun instead, and make them a gift from something you know they will love, fast food! We find a bouquet of Chicken nuggets and a heart-shaped pizza is both cheesy and effective (please excuse the pun). Food is the quickest way to anyone’s heart, and well chicken nuggets might as well be the V8 Supercar equivalent to getting there the fastest.


#4 Indoor Picnic

Managed to get the house to yourselves? Well set up an indoor picnic and have a cheap movie night. Move all the furniture in the living room, lay down a blanket, make it comfy, turn off the lights and hang up white Christmas lights on the roof. Once set up, walk your significant other in for a surprise, have snacks or a platter prepared and cuddle down together with a good rom-com.

Bonus Tip: Find a movie where they do something similar or has white lights hung up as well. This way your partner will think its extra special as their night resembles something that is only done in movies.


#5 Re-enact Your First Date or Memory Together

This one is mainly for the guys to do as she will defiantly remember what happened your first date. But she will be super impressed if you do too. This idea is so cliché, but it is done so often for a reason. Everyone loves nostalgia and reliving memories. So show her you will always remember the special moments by re-creating one for her.


#6 Set Up a Treasure Hunt

Surprise your partner with rose petals at the door and leave notes and riddles around the house. Create a little treasure hunt that has pressure memories and gifts along the way that ultimately lead up to your end Valentine’s Day surprise. Get creative and go big. Show them you care by going over the top and making it a fun event that you can laugh about when it’s all over.


#7 Cook and eat a meal together

This idea is simple but effective. Plan a meal, go to the supermarket and get what is needed. Cook the meal and then eat it together. The time you spend together cooking will make the meal all that much better as you can appreciate how much of a great team you are. Even if one of you is a gourmet cook and the other is a heat and eat kind of person, putting in the effort to try cook or to teach your significant other how to cook. Could go a long way making the meal that extra bit special.


#8 Get Them Something Practical

A Valentine’s Day gift doesn’t have to be super cute or lovey-dovey, get them something you know they need or actually would use so you can show them that you thought about them with it. Yeah, you could play it safe and opt for chocolates or beers, but if you have listened to your significant other as much as you claimed to have, you will be able to think of a practical gift that you know he/she will appreciate for days to come.


#9 Go Somewhere New

If you have been around the block with your partner for a significant period amount of time, why not try something new or go somewhere new together. Spend the day or night driving around and go to places you have never been to before. Don’t have any plans and just go where ever the wind takes you. You are bound to generate a few nice moments or scary, awkward ones that will give you something to laugh about later down the road.


#10 Group Date Night

Not a fan of all the romance? Well, there is bound to be another couple that shares the same views. Meet with them on the night and have a fun date night with people you know will make it a great time. Have some food, have some wine, play a couple of games or just have a good time. Treat it like any other great night that you would have in the weekend and keep it simple for Valentine’s Day.


#11 Do an Escape Room or Haunted Tour

Usually, these experiences are intense and scary, so they work similar to a scary movie.  Search online for one in your area and try to book it for the night of Valentine’s Day. It will provide a fun experience for you both and will result in either two things. You might end up impressing your partner with your smarts and leadership, or else you might fail miserably and have them laugh at your hopelessness and hyperventilating fear. You know, whatever comes first.


#12 Ice Skating

Ice skating is your classic rom-com date so if the movie stars can make it work; you should be able to get away with it too. You will either end up helping/holding each other the whole time or end up colliding dramatically at one point. Long story short, there will be touching, so you will get a laugh out of the experience in the end.


#13 Just Indulge in Adult Beverages

We are all grown-ups here, and as grown-ups, some of us tend to celebrate special days with the occasional adult beverage. So how about going somewhere with nice scenery or even just sitting under the stars (so it’s at least somewhat cute) and just drink wine. Might need to get a taxi or make sure it’s within walking distance from home. But just spend some time together and have discussions over a couple bottles of bubbly. Your partner should be one of your best friends, so enjoy each other’s company and brace for the next day’s morning battle together.


#14 Get a Banquet of Your Favourite Foods and Pig Out

Show each other new treats and goodies and find out what each other likes. We said it before, and we will say it again, but food is the quickest way to someone’s heart. So have a feast together and learn about each other’s likes and dislikes. There may be a few awkward pauses and judgmental stares from what you bring to the table. But we will tell you there is no better delight than to find out you both have a love of pickles and a hate for pineapple on pizza. Now that’s true love.


Well, there goes our Valentine’s Day couples ideas list. We hope you found the read enjoyable and that you found at least one of our Love Guru’s idea’s to be somewhat useful. February 14th is fast approaching so getting prepared now for reservations or arrangements for the children is a major key for the day. Make this year special and show your significant other that you genuinely care this Valentine’s Day.