10 Tips to Pack It All This New Years

Person sitting beside clothes packed folded into a suitcase while holding a note pad

The old famous travel bloggers one-liner, “we need to stop and think about what we actually will need for our holiday.”
Its summer vacation time, Christmas is now done and dusted, Boxing Day was a hit, and we are sure your office Christmas party was too. You will now probably have a whole lot of new gizmos and gadgets, tops and frocks, iPhones and tablets, and new undies and socks. Yes, we bet you’re overwhelmed with new gear from the giving season that now you have no idea on what you actually want to pack for your holiday getaway. Most travel blogs will say the same old, “pack light.” or “only the essentials.” The old famous travel bloggers one-liner, “we need to stop and think about what we actually will need for our holiday.” We don’t necessarily agree with this concept, as packing more items gives you more options and means you are prepared for any spontaneous adventure that comes your way. You will always want to pack your new toys and joys as you will want to show them off to all your friends and family. So one’s ability to fully utilise the limited space they have in their suitcase, comes into play here, as your skill level dramatically affects how much you can take away on holiday. This is why we have created this guide. The information contained here will help you maximise your packing efficiency and will put your carry-on luggage to the test.

Tip #1 Roll! Don’t Fold!

Don’t be fooled by the image for this blog, but rolling your clothes instead of folding will save you heaps of space and keep your clothes free of creases. Roll up your t-shirts, shorts, undies; you name it, you will be surprised how much room you will save when your clothes are tightly rolled together. It will also mean that there will be less searching involved when it comes to finding the item you need. This tip works for most clothing items, with a few exceptions of course, but we will cover those later in another tip.

Tip #2 Zip Lock Bags are Your Friends

Utilise these bad boys for everything! Your toiletries, your electronics, your jewelry. Keep things together and save any accidental sunscreen bottle leakages from going everywhere and getting on all of your clothes. Simply chuck your item in the bag, zip it up most of the way (but leave a tiny opening), compress the bag so all the air escapes and then zip it shut for tight compact storage. The same even goes for larger zip lock backs of vacuum sealed bags for dress clothes. Since you may not wish to roll these belongings, fold them neatly, compress them in a bag and then lay them down lightly at the bottom of your suitcase.

Tip #3 Utilise Your Shoes

The great thing about shoes is the fact that they have space inside them. You know all those small belongings that you chucked in your zip locked bags, well now you can chuck them in your shoes. This will give them a little extra bit of protection and save some space along the way.

Tip #4 Keep Your Shoes Separate

Dirty Shoes could ruin your luggage, even potentially that super cute dress you were saving for New Year ’s Eve. You could use the handy zip lock bag to keep your dirty clogs from contaminating your other belongings, but there are other options too. Use a cheap protective layer with an elastic band on the end like a shower cap. Putting your shoes in these will mean you can seal in the dirty parts and still utilise the empty soles. It may make you look like you are planning to perform surgery while you’re away, but it will be worth it so you can keep that dress of yours clean.

Tip #5 Pack a Scarf

This tip is simply for the fashionistas out there, pack a scarf. They take up hardly any room and you never know when you could pull it out and solve a problem. Suddenly got cold? No problem. Need a makeshift pillow? A scarf’s got you there. Even need a little sarong or seat for the beach? Yeah, a scarf can cover that. It’s a universal item that could when you least expect it, make or break an outing.

Tip #6 Build a Pyramid

Bring out your inner Egyptian and make a pyramid with your gear. Put your shoes on the side, the items you can’t roll like jackets or pants on the bottom, the items you can roll in the centre and then layer your valuables and easily wrinkled clothes on top. Pack like an Egyptian so you utilise the space while also ordering things tightly together so you know where everything is and so it stays that way through travel.

Tip #7 Pack a Couple Nights Before You Go

We recommend this tip as it will make you realise what you actually need and want to take on your trip. If you pack early, you might find that over the two days of your gear being sorted, you might need some items or you might not. Packed a cute top that you just got but felt the urge to wear it the day before you go? Well there you go, you now know you should take that away with you. Packed a toy for your kids but they didn’t even realise it’s missing, well now you know they won’t care that it’s not there. Remove any doubt on what to bring by planning and double checking on the day.

Tip #8 Don’t Forget the Duct Tape

Well, this one goes without saying. You never know when you will need a roll of duct tape. Save the space of packing a lot of tools or gear for emergencies. Get a single roll and tape all your problems away.

Tip #9 Wear the Bulky Items

Think you may be pushing it by trying to pack your puffer jacket. Well, why not look like an out of place Eskimo and wear your bulky warm clothes on your travel. Yes, you will look overdressed and will probably get hot. But you can always take it off when you’re travelling in a vehicle, and you never know what the temperature will be like when midnight approaches on New Year’s Eve.

Tip #10 Spread out Your Valuables

Our lucky last tip is quite a valuable one for your valuables, spread them around your luggage. Nothing worse than packing all your electronics and gadgets into one pocket and then seeing your bag drop and hearing a loud cracking noise. Minimize the risk like you do with an investment portfolio and position your valuables in different locations. Meaning that if you do have an accident with your bag, it might only be one valuable damaged instead of all of them.

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