10 Smart Money Moves to Make in Your 20’s


Your 20’s are a time for laying the foundation for the lifestyle you want to lead today and for your future. You will often hear your 20’s being referred to as a time to establish and act on career, relationship and lifestyle objectives. Personal finance objectives should be front and centre, held in the same regard and level of importance here also.

In your 20’s, you have time on your side. This is a major advantage when it comes to personal finance planning and setting up good habits now that can be maintained going forward. Your 20’s are a time to create your own path and find what works for you. You will encounter difficulties as well as your personal shares of success. Check out 10 steps you can make in your 20’s to set yourself up for a future of personal finance success while avoiding common pitfalls.



  1. Eliminate debt

Student loan debt springs to top of mind here. For many, student loan debt is a necessary step to help progress yourself, improving career opportunities and up-skilling. Check out “Know Your Debt” to identify good debt; that works for you versus bad debt, that can be a burden, particularly in your 20’s. If you are in a position of debt and seeking strategies to overcome difficulty check out “Debt snowball or avalanche; what’s the best way to tackle your debt?


  1. Aim to live within your means

You may be a recent University graduate, perhaps started your first job and finally starting to earn a living and a solid wage/salary. A little (or a lot) extra in the back pocket may spark a multitude of money-spending ideas. It’s natural, after what seemed an eternity of hard work you can finally reward yourself with greater latitude to make your personal finance decisions. Be careful, however and aim to principally live within your means – spending less than you earn week to week.


  1. Create a budget

Whether you are still studying, just entering the work force or a seasoned veteran, creating and sticking to a budget is always a savvy personal finance move to make. For budget-making tips check out “Saving – how much is enough?


  1. Set long-term personal finance goals

Be it the purchase of your first home before you are 30. An OE within 2-3 years. A savings balance of x amount in the next year. Whatever your drive and ambition set yourself some goals that you can strive for now, throughout your 20’s and beyond to keep yourself on the path to achieving the lifestyle you want.


  1. Improve your credit score

First things first, learn what a credit score is. Then make the step to work on and improve your credit score. One day you may decide to buy your first home. Or you may need to apply for a personal loan for a raft of reasons. Regardless, your credit score does matter and will come into play.


  1. Share your money values and ambitions with your significant other

Just like sharing common interests, goals and dreams with a partner, make financial planning a central focal point of commonality. Check out “5 Personal Finance Questions to ask your partner”  to ensure you and your significant other are on the same page, in a personal finance sense.


  1. Establish an emergency fund

Now that you are in your 20’s and have greater financial freedom start to build an emergency fund. The financial buffer can act as an insurance policy if you are met with financial difficulties that may otherwise be unexpected. The emergency fund effectively acts as a peace of mind and a preventative measure allowing you to prepare sufficiently and ‘expect the unexpected.’


  1. Foster good habits & eliminate bad ones

Automate savings, live within your means, avoid and/or eliminate debt. The list of habits to try and establish is elaborate. And bad habits are hard to shake.  So identifying, and correcting these finance mishaps early is crucial to help you get through your 20’s. You may find you are in a state of damaging your finance situation, without even realising it. Check out some warning signs here.


  1. Improve your financial literacy

You’re an adult now. No longer reliant on Mum and Dad to get by. In a personal finance sense, it’s a big wide world of unfamiliar jargon and terms for the uninitiated. Start to learn and build your knowledge. Read up on personal finance blogs and acquire the understanding so that you are not behind the 8-ball in a personal finance sense. For a taste, check out “Teaching money management through timeless sayings.”


  1. Make it possible

Have some fun! You’re only young once, so live a little. Your 20’s are a prime time to see the world, to get your dream car or your first home. It’s about experiencing the big moments now and enjoying the lifestyle you want – faster and more easily.

Make it happen today!



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